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Well balanced and maintained intestinal health is crucial to achieving and sustaining a tone, well-sculpted, and healthy physique. You deserve to feel and look your best, so take control of your body’s intestinal health.

Our team is equipped and ready to help you take control of your intestinal health. Through the implementation of various anti-allergenic dietary protocols, natural herbs, medical foods, and probiotics, we are able to eliminate intestinal inflammation, commonly known as “leaky gut.”

Elimination of this condition has proven to help decrease the body’s excessive inflammation reactions – a known cause of chronic fatigue and even some autoimmune disorders.


Find the balance you seek – nurture your intestinal health, and make an appointment today.



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Dr Suzel Vazquez

A noted internist, endocrinologist, and age management specialist, Dr. Vazquez offers more than 20 years experience in private practice. Over her career, Dr. Vazquez has distinguished herself as an expert in the fields of bio-identical hormone replacement, physiologic improvement through hormonal balance, nutrition, and weight loss.

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