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Your Path to General Well-being

Begin your path to general well-being with a much needed detox. Detoxification is the removal of harmful (or toxic) substances from the body. Through a specific and personalized regimen expertly crafted by our team, we will identify the key areas of focus to get you detoxed and well on your path to betterment.

Detoxification programs have proven useful in the strengthening of the immune system leading to higher energy levels, decreased fatigue and body weight, lessening of PMS symptoms, and headaches. Detox regimens have also been known to aid in reducing the risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Our Detox Regimen in Steps

We begin with a thorough medical assessment and lab work. It’s here that we identify the key areas of the body we need to focus on to achieve the maximum results.
After our preliminary assessment and the lab work, we will sit down and review key behaviors, as well as both general and specific lifestyle habits. While keeping ourselves from toxin exposure is unrealistic, and frankly impossible, understanding how our behaviors and lifestyle factor into our overall toxin levels can prove crucial.
After the toxic influences have been identified, we begin the process of eliminating the behavioral, dietary, and even emotional factors that bring the toxins into our lives.
Initiate detox! At this stage we effectuate the specific detoxification system determined to be most effective in light of the information collected in Step 1 thru 3. During this Step, a GI (Gastro-intestinal) program may also be advised for the most beneficial results.
Once the system has been administered, we perform a general review of the overall process up to that point as well as provide a thorough review of your progress on your path to all-around wellness.
In this six and final Step, we test serological biomarkers of toxicity and environmental toxins to ensure the effectiveness of our regimen.

Now that you’ve completed your Detox Regimen, you are one step closer to the wellness you strive for!


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