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You Deserve to Feel Energized!

It’s time to stop feeling tired all the time. You deserve to feel energized. Chronic fatigue, defined as fatigue lasting longer than three months, affects countless individuals around the world. As it is commonly un- or misdiagnosed, many suffer through the pains of chronic fatigue without treatment.

But, it’s time you took control of your body. If you feel you may suffer of chronic fatigue we would be happy to help you along your way to being reenergized.

In order to treat your fatigue we must first identify the root causes and key factors behind how you’re feeling. We begin this process by checking for hormone imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, the presence of toxic build-up, as well as dietary and fitness concerns.

Once we have determined what is causing the chronic fatigue, our team works to build a Wellness Plan to help get you back on track.

Treatment usually includes a series of protocols aimed at detoxifying the body, restoring intestinal health, and increase immune functions; leading to restoration of energy levels. The protocol design varies per individual case, but may include an anti-allergenic diet, the use of natural supplements (e.g. herbs, vitamins, and minerals), IV Therapies , or Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to rebalance hormone levels.

No matter the regimen that needs to be crafted, you can rest assured that our expert team will work to reenergize you.

Treat chronic fatigue and take back your life.


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Dr Suzel Vazquez

A noted internist, endocrinologist, and age management specialist, Dr. Vazquez offers more than 20 years experience in private practice. Over her career, Dr. Vazquez has distinguished herself as an expert in the fields of bio-identical hormone replacement, physiologic improvement through hormonal balance, nutrition, and weight loss.

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