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Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The goal of Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is to bring balance to and restore hormones which the body has depleted over the natural course of the aging process. By helping to replenish, in appropriate and proportionate amounts, the hormones that are deficient, we can achieve hormonal balance, lowering the effect of hormone related symptoms.

Before we get into the benefits of BHRT for men and women, let’s first define what Bio-identical Hormones are and why they’re used to help treat anti-aging and promote general wellness.

Bio-identical Hormones, not to be confused with animal-derived synthetic hormones, are hormone products which are chemically identical to their naturally occurring hormonal counter-parts. Bio-identical hormones are used to combat the aging process because replacement helps to replenish naturally depleted hormones, leading to the benefits outlined below.

The Benefits of BHRT

Manifestations of Hormonal Decline Benefits of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
 Hot flashes  Relief from hot flashes
 Sleep disturbances  Improved sleep
 Decreased energy  Improved energy
 Depressed or unstable mood  Improved mood
 Loss of sex drive  Improved libido
 Increased abdominal girth and  weight gain  Weight loss and improved body  composition
 Decreased muscle mass and bone density  Increased muscular mass and   bone density
 Thinner skin  Improved skin
 Decreased memory and mental  function  Improved mental function.
 Reduced risk of osteoporosis


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