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Take a more aggressive approach to combating the signs of aging with cutting-edge laser treatment. It’s all within reach with one of our revitalizing laser treatments, including Fraxel Re:storeTM Treatment and Candela’s GentleLASE®.

Enjoy the benefits of Fraxel Re:store. The original and most popular Fraxel treatment is a safe and non- invasive laser treatment designed to treat an assortment of aging related concerns, such as wrinkles, sun and age spots, redness, irregular skin texture, stretch-marks, and scars. Offering minimal down-time and a personalized treatment schedule, Fraxel Re:storeTM is the perfect solution for those in search of more youthful looking skin.


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Throw out your tired razors, painful wax, and dull tweezers. Achieve the smooth skin of your dreams with one simple process: Candela’s GentleLASE® laser hair removal. Unlike electrolysis, GentleLASE® gently and safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging your skin’s delicate pores and structure.

To further protect the skin during treatment, GentleLASE® employs a Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM that sprays cryogen which cools the upper layers of the skin providing you with increased comfort during the procedure.

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A noted internist, endocrinologist, and age management specialist, Dr. Vazquez offers more than 20 years experience in private practice. Over her career, Dr. Vazquez has distinguished herself as an expert in the fields of bio-identical hormone replacement, physiologic improvement through hormonal balance, nutrition, and weight loss.

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