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Is there really any such thing as good stress?

Stress is the result of the combined effects of our body’s adrenaline, nonadrenaline and cortisoles production and it is our body’s natural way of preparing to a threat in the environment. Good stress is needed to “fight” the threat or ward off the conflict and it is called “eustress.” But when stress in constant and you are unable to manage it, we call it “distress” and it is important to know the difference. The most common ways to help you manage your stress is to eat a healthy diet, exercise daily, get enough sleep and drink lots of water. Some people also find deep breathing techniques, meditation and journal-writing helpful at times. But one thing that is very effective is to identify your stressors and, when you can, eliminate or lessen them. And one thing I always recommend is to set aside some personal time for something you enjoy and is fulfilling to you. It works wonders to treat yourself well. If you eat well, sleep well and make yourself happy, your health will improve and you will look healthier and happier.

What do hormones have to do with my success at work?

Depleted hormone levels can definitely affect an individual’s focus or energy level. Studies show that menopausal women who are not getting hormone treatments miss more days than those who do. And bioidentical hormone therapy has been used to treat the negative side effects of menopause – principally bone loss, mood swings and hot flashes – that cause fatigue and disinterest. Hormone therapy and steroids have long been used, albeit controversially and often illegally, by athletes to enhance their performance on the field or court. So it stands to reason that the therapy or treatment would enhance someone’s performance in the office, the classroom or the boardroom.

What is the optimum amount of sleep each night?

There is no exact optimum number of hours for everyone. Each individual person requires a different amount of sleep to make the best of the next day. Even then, people’s needs change. But most people do share the cycle that causes us to require more sleep when we are younger and less as we grow old. While there are certainly exceptions, most medical experts agree that six hours is a daily minimum in order for the body to recharge and operate at an optimum level. RIGHT? But each person is different and needs change as circumstances – or diet or environment or stress levels – change. So it is important to know the signs of lack of sleep and adjust one’s clock for improvement.



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